Sidmouth Eucalyptus Removal

By 31st August 2016 August 23rd, 2018 Sidmouth, Tree Felling

This Sidmouth Eucalyptus removal and tree felling were needed because it had become an obstruction, and the space the tree was occupying was needed by the client. Tending to the plants that the Eucalyptus was hanging over had become an unnecessarily difficult task as well. The tree was removed in a clean and efficient manner leaving the surrounding plants and fencing untouched. The stump was chosen to be kept in the ground. But if you require tree stump removal, please let us know.

With Eucalyptus trees, it’s important not to cut any lower branches for the first 6 feet. Instead, wait until the tree has at least two season’s growth. Keep in mind that many of the faster-growing species will actually shed lower branches on their own. Coppicing is another method of Eucalyptus pruning to help control the tree’s height.

If your Eucalyptus trees are shedding leaves, check soil conditions and watering. It may be the tree is stressed from being newly planted and the summer heat. Inspect the tree, leaves, and trunk for any other signs of insect or disease. Call me if you need help with this.



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