When do you need a tree surgeon?

An expert tree surgeon like Jurassic Tree Services knows the difference between an old or damaged tree or one that just needs a prune. It is common to think that felling a tree is the main job of a tree surgeon when in fact, our aim is to try to preserve them.

Whether you need a tree pruning for more light to enter your home, or require broken branches to be made safe after a storm, we will work with you to ensure we can preserve your tree or even fell it if required.

Working from our Exmouth base, we travel all of East Devon (further if required) completing a huge range of jobs all presenting a variety of challenges giving us the experience to complete even the hardest of jobs quickly, responsibly and above all else, safely.

What might we do to avoid felling a tree?

A range of tree surgeon techniques we use when felling is not an option (due to protection orders etc):

  • Removal of diseased trees to help prevent the spread of the disease throughout the rest of the area.
  • Preventing further decay of older or damaged trees using the above-mentioned methods.
  • Deadwood removal from trees to prevent dead branches damaging property or people.
  • Strengthening the trees using braces within the branches.
  • Reduce or thin out the tree to allow more light through, without damaging the tree.
  • Formative pruning and pollarding.

For know-how and expert advice from a qualified tree surgeon, call Jurassic Tree Services. We always aim to offer expert advice with your free quote.

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