Stump grinding & removal tree services are paramount to quality tree care because much of a tree or large hedge is actually contained in the root system under the soil, and when you fell a tree often a large stump is left in the soil, as the picture shows.

There are two options available for you: stump grinding or stump removal. Here we advise on the best technique.

Stump grinding.

Stump grinding can be a more economical process and involves the use of specialist equipment to chip away the stump to below ground level allowing only a small hole to be covered. The process does not touch the root ball of the tree which, overtime will decay naturally.

Stump removal.

Stump removal can be a difficult process depending on the size and location of the original tree. It is the process of removing the stump and the root ball of the tree which, if left, can leave a large hole in the ground where once the tree stood. This can be filled and is easier to landscape the area once the process is completed.

Our practice.

We offer a first class stump grinding service. With a narrow access machine, we can get to the trickiest of jobs. The beauty of our stump grinder is that it is agile and narrow. It is able to gain access to gardens even through very narrow garden gates and is light enough not to damage lawns, patios or pavers. There are many benefits to having your stump ground out, these include:

  • Getting rid of unsightly stumps.
  • Avoiding trip hazards.
  • Stopping re-growth.
  • Making space in your garden. You can also reseed the area, again giving you more space.
  • If you are redesigning your garden you can start afresh, getting rid of old stumps ready for new plants to be planted.

Which is best for you?

With our tree services covering East Devon from our Exmouth base, we are often asked this question, and the honest answer is it depends on your needs. But on the whole, stump grinding is a more popular option. With just a small bit of information, however, our expert tree surgeons will be able to offer you advice on the best option and provide a quote for you, so please get in touch for a chat.

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