Our hedge-trimming service

Hedge trimming is essential if you want to keep your hedges looking smart and a pleasure for everyone to see. Trimming hedges also helps to define a boundary to a home or business. Using the correct hedge cutting techniques is a must to maintain the health and shape of a hedge, which is observed by our knowledgeable and expert team here at Jurassic Tree Services.

Not only is using the right equipment and techniques key to the quality of our hedge trimming work, it helps reduce the risk of tearing and will lead to a hedge that will be healthier compared to other methods with lesser equipment. It will also mean a thicker, greener hedge for you.

New hedges

To avoid disappointment, it is important that you start a regular hedge shaping and trimming schedule for any new hedge you want to establish. Acting early can avoid large dark or dead areas within your hedge later on and can help establish a far better shape for your hedge. Having your hedge properly trimmed from an early part of its life will also mean a healthier hedge long-term,  but the amount we prune back will depend on the type of hedge you have.

The appearance of a hedge generally depends on its maintenance and general aftercare. Plan for your new hedge to be trimmed at least once each season to keep it at its optimum. If your hedges have been left unchecked they can grow impossibly tall, which could lead to light-blocking issues for your neighbours as previously discussed.

We always work with nature, not against it, and that means we take care not to cut too early in the year so as to avoid disturbing nesting birds.

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