We will control the out of control!

Sometimes, growing conditions are perfect and the resulting growth can catch out even the savviest gardeners; other times you just do not have the equipment, time or motivation to trim your trees or bushes safely or effectively.

If your Tree SOS includes dismantling, shaping, thinning or reducing trees or bushes, Jurassic Tree Services’ professional arborist tree care will help – keeping you and nature in mind.

Working throughout East Devon from our Exmouth base, we have years of experience and skill in maintaining, trimming, shaping and reducing everything from the largest of trees to the most uncontrollable shrubs; there’s no job that is beyond our expertise.

As you can see from the photo, there are different reasons your Tree SOS may include some extra attention. We know if your tree’s canopy needs shaping – whether it’s purely cosmetic, for safety reasons, or to allow more light to pass through to the ground. Whatever your reasons, doing it safely with no damage to the surrounding area or wildlife is our utmost priority and is carried out by tree surgeons with the right equipment and years of experience at the right time of the year.

Jurassic Tree Services – mindful tree care.

Thinning, cutting back and shaping is essential to healthy tree growth and long-term care. We will safely reduce all branches that may fall to avoid injury; maintaining a healthy tree structure this way is just one of our techniques that helps keep your trees, bushes and hedges looking resplendent. We complete all work with mindfulness to the surrounding environment and landscape.

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