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Matford Park, Exeter Tree Felling

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Jurassic Tree Services Matford Park tree felling was a huge tree job. This Exeter tree felling was done to connect road and gas piping for the new Bus Depot for Devon and Cornwall. Heavy machinery brought in for this massive task including a digger used to move the last tree.

Being in Matford Park on a busy road only 1.5 metres away meant having to deal with the constant passing by of other contractors; part of the road was cut-off from these vehicles as other contractors erected arris fencing up to give us space to work and allow the trees and branches to fall without causing damage to passers-by. With the roads being almost completely empty at night, it became viable to complete a lot of the work for this job at night also.

All the trees were brought down safely and efficiently. The path was cleared to connect to the Bus Depot.

Once the lines of trees had been felled there were trees that needed to have overhanging branches cleared to make room for the Depot itself along with surrounding lampposts. Once again this job was undertaken with caution due to construction taking place so close and people walking nearby.

Collumpton Storm-damaged Tree Removal

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Following some of the areas heavy storms, every year we address damaged tree removal that needs to be dealt with skillfully and efficiently. Luckily no one was injured by this falling Eucalyptus tree in Collumpton, but it did go through the roof of a care home and poked through the ceiling with a patient in bed!  No one was hurt and the insurance company paid out for the tree to be removed.

This Collumpton storm-damaged tree removal prevented further damage to the property. We expect more SOS jobs of this kind during severe weather seasons as storms continue to wreak havoc in the local areas.

If a tree splits at a weak fork it is likely to cause a large wound. Whilst the tree may remain structurally safe for some years, decay can develop around this area and the tree may become unsafe, ultimately requiring removal. Where large splits have occurred, it may be sensible to remove the damaged tree and replace it altogether with a new tree.

What can I do about clearing storm-damaged trees in my garden?

Call us to help clear up damaged trees. Do not be tempted to use a chainsaw to fell or cut up damaged trees unless you are experienced and have the appropriate protective clothing. Each year approximately 500 people are seriously injured using chainsaws in their gardens. Even cutting up fallen branches with a chainsaw is hazardous. Members of the public are advised to use qualified tree surgeons in all cases.

Storm-damaged tree

Stable destroyed by Beech tree in Paracombe, North Devon

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