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Cliff Edge Clearing in Torquay

By | Torquay

Clearing a cliff face at the back of several residential properties.
All vegetation including trees and bushes were cut back leaving the cliff looking tidier, safer and letting more light into the gardens and houses below.

We also cleared to the top line of tree’s which were precariously near the cliff edge. Do you have a similar problem with trees? If so, contact us here before it gets worse!

Emergency Tree Call Out in Harpford near Sidmouth, Devon

By | Sidmouth

We were called out by a customer who reported a large tree fall in the recent high winds in Harpford near Sidmouth, Devon.

Emergency call outs of this nature have been quite abundant recently because of unusually high winds over long periods.

As this was an emergency, we hastily made our way to the customer’s premises to assess any damage. We found that a large Ash tree had blown over causing an obstruction but fortunately damage was minimal. We set about the tree with chainsaws, slicing the large trunk into manageable pieces. This job took minimal time and the customer was very happy with our efficiency of service.

Ottery St Mary Tree Work

By | Tree Felling, Tree Surgery

This Ottery St Mary tree work job for a busy store required a lot of work. With a large amount of tree work to be done, including Pollarding an avenue of Eucalyptus, dismantling a large dead pine and a large Birch. Working by a busy road, safety had to be paramount, as well as the appropriate use of signs and cones. The business remained open and operational throughout our tree services being completed. As a very busy shop, we could only close a few parking bays at a time, and our team worked courteously and safely at all times with the public in mind.



Exmouth Ash Dismantle

By | Exmouth, Tree Felling

This Exmouth Ash Dismantle was growing too large between customers garage and the house of their neighbour, it had gotten to the point where the tree had to be felled. Job’s like these in confined spaces with nearby property to consider further prove the time and care we put into felling and dismantling trees.

It is always a priority of ours at Jurassic Tree Services that our work causes the least amount of disturbance as possible, this job went to plan and the surrounding property was left completely undamaged.



Budleigh Salterton Large Cherry Tree Dismantle

By | Budleigh Salterton, Dismantling, shaping, thinning and reducing

This Budleigh Salterton large Cherry Tree dismantle helped a customer’s garden being almost overtaken by a beautiful but grand Cherry Tree. The size and density of the mature tree caused it to cover the entire garden and house with shade, resulting in the tree causing too many issues to justify it being left to grow even more.

A careful dismantling took place and with the future of the garden and local wildlife taken into consideration, several small self-seeded cherry trees have been left in the garden.



Stoodleigh 90-metre Leylandii

By | Hedge trimming, Tree Felling

This Stoodleigh 90-metre Leylandii job required us to cut down and remove 90 metres of wild Leylandii next to a property. The gargantuan wild hedge lay right next to a wooden playhouse and oil tank in the garden so extreme care and precision felling had to take place along certain points of this hedge.

Removal of this hedge had resulted in the fence being reclaimed and much more free space on each side of the fence the hedge grew along.





Matford Park, Exeter Tree Felling

By | Commercial services, Exeter, Tree Felling

Jurassic Tree Services Matford Park tree felling was a huge tree job. This Exeter tree felling was done to connect road and gas piping for the new Bus Depot for Devon and Cornwall. Heavy machinery brought in for this massive task including a digger used to move the last tree.

Being in Matford Park on a busy road only 1.5 metres away meant having to deal with the constant passing by of other contractors; part of the road was cut-off from these vehicles as other contractors erected arris fencing up to give us space to work and allow the trees and branches to fall without causing damage to passers-by. With the roads being almost completely empty at night, it became viable to complete a lot of the work for this job at night also.

All the trees were brought down safely and efficiently. The path was cleared to connect to the Bus Depot.

Once the lines of trees had been felled there were trees that needed to have overhanging branches cleared to make room for the Depot itself along with surrounding lampposts. Once again this job was undertaken with caution due to construction taking place so close and people walking nearby.

We are open and operating to tight social distancing measures.