Commercial Tree Services

We offer a complete service to the commercial sector. With method statements and risks assesments provided on request. We are fully insured with £5 Million public liability cover and £10 Million employee cover. With up to date equipment able to tackle any size job.

We have worked with previous clients such as:

  • Retail outlets
  • Numerous Primary Schools in East Devon
  • Hotels
  • Various construction companies
  • Care homes
  • Solar Farms and many more…

Jurassic Tree Services is the first choice when it comes to the commercial tree works. Whether you’re seeking assistance in planting the right trees, advice on the current trees on your property, or want information on a range of other tree services we offer, then you’ve come to the right place.

We frequently work on projects on a large scale from servicing one or two trees to working independently or in conjunction with other contractors to complete larger scale commercial projects. This kind of job is normally undertaken to make way for a new road or building. However, we are ready to assist you with any arboricultural or horticultural needs.

Our superior tools and equipment allow us to take on these jobs with ease and as such we proudly display our completed commercial jobs on our completed projects page.

Jurassic Tree Services’ Commercial Tree Services include:

  • Tree pruning & trimming
  • Tree hazard and risk assessment
  • Emergency tree work
  • Tree and stump removal
  • Tree root maintenance
  • Landscape services
  • Please ask us about pest, insect and disease management & root barrier management.

Jurassic Tree Services’ professional arborists provide a full range of tree services to private and commercial customers to ensure the ongoing health of your trees and landscape. All services are performed by qualified arborists and are performed to the highest standards.

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